Kelvin Guu
Stanford Ph.D. student

About me

I’m a 5th-year Statistics Ph.D. student at Stanford advised by Professor Percy Liang in the Natural Language Processing Group.

I have been supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship as well as a Stanford Math+X Fellowship.

  • Areas of interest: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Statistics

  • Applications of interest: Voice User Interfaces, Chatbots & Natural Language Interfaces, AI in Healthcare



2012 - Present Ph.D. Candidate in Statistics at Stanford University
  Advisor: Percy Liang. Ph.D. Committee: Percy Liang, Wing Hung Wong, Chris Manning, and Lester Mackey.
2007 - 2011 B.S. in Mathematics at Duke University

Work experience

Summer 2015 Ph.D. Software Engineering Intern at Google
  Worked with Senior Staff Software Engineer Jakob Uszkoreit on applied natural language processing projects.
Winter 2014/15 Research Consultant at MetaMind
  Deep learning startup acquired by Salesforce in 2016. Worked with Founder & CEO/CTO Richard Socher.
2011 - 2012 Researcher in Bayesian Statistics at Duke University
  Research with Professors David B. Dunson and Alex Hartemink.
Summer 2010 Software Engineering and Product Management Intern at Redwood Systems
  Cleantech lighting automation startup founded by ex-Cisco executives and acquired in 2013 by CommScope.


Other projects

Presentations and tutorials


Unfortunately, much of my recent code is closed-source at the moment, but I’m working on getting it cleaned up and ready for others to use! The following projects are fairly old/out-of-date, but I’m keeping them around in the odd chance they might be of use to someone somewhere.

  • Simple Speech Recognition - 2013
    A complete speech recognition system you can deploy with just a few lines of Python, built on CMU Sphinx-4.

  • Gitmemoizer - 2013
    Automagically memoize any function and save results to disk (for Java).

  • Giterable - 2013
    A Java package for iterating through files in your Git repo and loading them.


I have had the privilege of working with and learning from great mentors and collaborators, including:

I’ve enjoyed mentoring younger students, including:

  • John Miller, undergraduate in Computer Science at Stanford (enrolling in PhD program in Fall 2017)
  • Justin Fu, MS in Computer Science at Stanford, currently PhD student at UC Berkeley
  • Dora Demszky, undergraduate in linguistics at Princeton (enrolling in PhD program in Fall 2017)
  • Evan Liu, undergraduate in Computer Science at Stanford

Finally, I think the following entities are pretty swell:


  1. A point of clarification about my name. In the past, I’ve published under the name “Kelvin Gu”, but I now go by Kelvin Guu with two “u”s. Sorry for the confusion!  2